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Garda Jazz Festival - Venti

Italian Jazz Project Orchestra: "Percorsi sonori dalla Terra al Cosmo". Reservierung erforderlich

Conductor: Luca Donini

"Suite of music from Earth to Cosmos"

Paola Zannoni: cello; Gianpietro Bissoli: tuba; Ivan Brusco: trombone; Ermanno Luise: trumpet; Oscar Pagliarini: sax and clarinet; Claudio Castellari: accordion and bari sax; Luca Donini: sax and composing; Giuliano Vangelista: synths; Ennio Righetti: guitar; Roger Constant: voice and percussion; Ricky Turco: drums; Mario Marcassa: bass and double bass

Free entry with mandatory reservation, please call: (+39) 0464 516681

 Wegen schlechten Wetters wurde die Veranstaltung auf dem 12/08 verschoben



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