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Drodesera - Preview

Theater und Musik Show. Nur mit Voranmeldung

In Trentino, on the cycle path between Riva del Garda and Trento, OHT, together with the Haydn orchestra, recounts the true story of the bell tower immersed in the waters of a lake, in Curon / Graun. A work with live music by Arvo Pärt, that will be presented at Centrale Fies, a hydroelectric power plant transformed into a theater that can be reached from one of the most beautiful cycle paths in the region!
Insert within the Marocche biotope, in the middle of the cycle path that goes up north from Lake Garda, the structure can be noticed by glancing right at the beginning of the Valle dei Laghi. It has the features of a castle and it is announced by three six-meters long banners that state "THIS IS NOT A CASTLE". Centrale Fies presents itself to the absent-minded passer-by who travels towards the Dolomites, to the tourist on a bicycle that travels along the cycle path, to the visitor who knows this story and knows what is hidden inside this building. Because in 2000, the power station was partly transformed into a production and artistic residence center: Centrale Fies also hosts an important summer festival of performing arts, - this year its 38th edition is dedicated to the landscape (12 June- 28 July 2018) -, and is one of the most important examples of industrial archeology in Trentino.

On June 12 the official preview of the festival will open with Curon / Graun a musical work by OHT, in collaboration with the Haydin Orchestar - the official Trentino Alto Adige orchestra -, that will take place in this incredible space, accessible from the cycle path.
The work, which has already won the OPER.A. 20.21 Fringe prize, is a live music show that narrates through videos and pictures, the history of the bell tower of Curon, an image entered in the imaginary of our country as something magical and fairy but that hides a minor and painful narration of a border valley. In this show the landscape is a stratification of points of view, as well as a place to discover in search of the three lakes of Resia.
To visit the first Italian example of the reuse of a decommissioned space - the hydroelectric plant transformed into a residency and artistic production center -, and to book the festival preview, please write to or call 0464-504700


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